Iraq’s Ambassador to the US Set to Run Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Iraqi Feature Story –     Lukman Faily, Iraq’s ambassador to the United States, is running the Boston Marathon.   Faily likens the 26.2 mile run to the Iraqi people’s efforts to rebuild that nation.   In an op-ed piece in the April 17 edition of the Boston Herald, Faily writes that he is running in support of terror victims in […]

Al-Grayat Bridge

Iraq: New Baghdad Bridge to Link Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa

Iraq Daily News –     Work is slated to begin soon on a suspended bridge over the Tigris River which will link the two sides of Baghdad — al-Karkh and al-Rusafa — the Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing said.   Construction will begin in al-Grayat area once a suitable company has been chosen, and is expected to be completed within […]

Iraqi cinema

Iraqi Cinema Film Shows NOAH

Iraq Featured Article –     Iraqi cinema announced the start of the film (Noah), directed by Darren Aronofsky, the production company “Paramount” U.S., revealed a change in UAE company distributed the film in the Middle East.   The administration has said the film told / JD /: we were able to obtain a copy of the movie (Noah) after changing […]

Country's Currency

What Determines the Value of a Currency?

Do you know what determines the value of a country’s currency?   While the value of a currency is determined by numerous complex factors, investors should have an understanding of how currency values and exchange rates fluctuate. Learn how currency exchange, and supply and demand affect there countries currency. Demand for goods, services and investments all play a key role in […]


The Big Test Facing Iraq

Iraq Daily News –   As the first elections loom since the US left four years ago, Iraq struggles to avoid splitting apart amid escalating violence and political paralysis.   Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq‘s foreign minister, looks out the cockpit window of a military helicopter at the thin blue waterway below – the site of one of the fiercest battles in modern […]

Pizza Hut store

Iraq to Get Its First Pizza Hut Store by Yum! Brands in Kurdistan Region

Iraq Business News –     Yum! Brands, Inc. has announced its opening of first Pizza Hut store in Iraq, with its franchise partner, Al Kout Food Company. The introduction of the first Pizza Hut in Iraq reflects the reach of the world’s largest pizza chain and the Company’s expansion in emerging markets.   Scott Bergren, CEO, Pizza Hut and Chief […]

Iraqi Dinar Currency

Expert Calls for the Deletion of Zeros From the Current Iraqi Dinar Currency Instead of Printing New Currency

Iraqi Dinar Currency News –   The head of the Economic Studies at the University of Kufa, an economist Raad Twigg, the central bank to take comprehensive measures to replace the currency and delete the three zeroes and determine the exchange rate of new Iraqi dinar currency, instead of putting up a new currency confuse the deal in the local market. […]


One-Third of Divorce Cases Because of the Marriage of Modern Technology

Iraq Daily News –     Divorce is the end of the contract between the couple and the easiest thing to say where the divorce became one-third of marriages in the community Najafi, where we find that the 987 prevented divorce for the year 2010 paid 3029 state of marriage in two courts only from this we can deduce that there […]


Iraq Association of Private Banks Calls for Local Banks to Open Branches Abroad

Iraq Business News –     Called the Association of private banks, local banks to open branches abroad to support the economic activities in the country.   The executive director of the Association of Abdul-Aziz Hassoun, “The local banks two branches of public and private began and reality is improving for the better, in terms of transactions, assets and developments in […]

Baghdad Schools

Baghdad Contracts Schools, Roads and Electricity Projects Worth 23 Billion

Iraq Dinar News –       Baghdad province announced the signing of 17 contracts at a cost of more than 23 billion Iraqi dinars for the implementation of projects within the sector of school buildings, roads and electricity.   The governor of Baghdad, Ali Mohsen al-Tamimi said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: We are in […]


Iraq More Countries Looted Wealth

Iraq Daily News –   He stressed the need to adopt a global policy for a refund and to prosecute the corrupt     BAGHDAD: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the phenomenon of looting the wealth and the money does not get in the states with democratic systems. Maliki said in his speech during the Forum Baghdad International on recovery of […]


Iraq Looks for International Support in Order to Restore Looted Funds of a Trillion Dollars

Baghdad Daily News –   BAGHDAD: Iraq is seeking through an international conference in Baghdad Wednesday to get international support for restoration of his money stolen and smuggled abroad, amounting trillion and 14 million dollars and handed over ministers and senior officials Harbin and inform the participating countries on his experience in completing files restore its wealth with other countries and […]

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq May Buy More Gold in Coming Months

Central Bank of Iraq News –   With the 29.8 tonnes which the World Gold Council says it already held, the purchase brings Iraq’s total gold holdings to 65.8 tonnes.     Tunis: Iraq’s central bank may buy more gold in coming months depending on investment needs, the finance minister said on Tuesday on the sidelines of an Arab ministers meeting […]

Iraqi banks in Tunisia

Tunisia Want Branches of Iraqi Banks on Their Territory

Iraq Daily News –     Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari welcomed the willingness of the Government of Tunisia to open branches of the Iraqi banks in Tunisia.   This came during a meeting with Zebari collection Tunisian Ambassador in Baghdad, Samir Abdallah, on Monday, where the two sides discussed ways of developing and strengthening the Iraqi-Tunisian relations and agree on activating […]

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar…Then and Now

Iraqi Dinar –   The Iraqi dinar is the official currency of Iraq and issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Dinar is divided into 1000 fils, but the high inflation rates in Awakhralqrn century caused the abandonment of coins metal was minted in fils and the pubic and the Koran _ coin worth 20 fils _ DRAM that […]

Iraqi dinar

K-9 Teams Headed to Oso Mudslide

Iraqi Dinar News –   Police also seized suspected drug records, scales, packaging materials and more than $3,000 in cash, as well as more than one million Iraqi Dinar — valued at more than $850.   Search & Rescue K-9 teams from Deschutes and Crook counties are heading to Oso, Wash., to assist in the recovery efforts following a massive mudslide. […]


Iraq: Hanwha Paid $511 Million Advance Payment

Iraq Business News –   Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp., one of South Korea’s leading builders, said Thursday that it has received an additional 540 billion won (US$510.6 million) in advance payment for its Iraq city project that will kick off next month.   This brings the amount of money the builder has received so far for the $8 billion Bismayah […]

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq Contracted the SEC 11 Tons of Gold Bullion

Central Bank of Iraq News –   Central Bank of Iraq, for contracting with a global company Stamping 11 tons of gold bullion in order to diversify the means of saving for the public, as he emphasized his intention SEC new alloys in the event of increased demand.   According to a statement of the bank received a “statement of economic” […]

Iraqi dinar

Police: Teen Had Loaded Gun, Marijuana, Iraqi Dinar Currency

Iraqi Dinar News –   When a Wilmington teen was arrested by New Castle County police officers in a car late Sunday near the Harbor House Apartments in Claymont, he had in his possession a loaded handgun, marijuana and Iraqi dinars, police said Monday.   The 17-year-old boy, who lives in the 200 block of W. 36th St., was charged with […]

Iraqi dinar

History of “Dollars to Iraqi Dinar”

Iraqi Dinar News –     “How shipping tons of U.S. currency to Iraq remade its economy—and was roundly criticized all the same. Good decision, bad press.” – By John B. Taylor   In February, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing that criticized the decision to ship U.S. currency into Iraq just after Saddam Hussein’s government […]

Iraqi Children

Iraq Nation Destroyed, Oil Riches Confiscated. Surviving Iraqi Population Impoverished

Under U.S. dictates, much of the Iraqi economy has been privatized, which ensures that Iraqis do not benefit from their resources, especially oil, money from which now goes to U.S. and other Western multinational corporations and to the Maliki regime.   According to Yanar Mohammed, “It is an economic war directed against millions of people in the working class, through the […]


Iraq: Approval of the Agreement With the Ministry of Transport and Citibank to Broker a Deal

Iraq Business News –     The Cabinet approved an agreement and the Ministry of Transport with Citibank to be the mediator between the General Company for Iraqi Airways and the Export Import Bank of the U.S. (US EXIMP) on the purchase of Boeing aircraft to meet the commission agreed at achieving agreement.   A statement from the Council of Ministers […]


Iraq Politics: This Is as Bad as It Gets

Iraq Daily News –     Iraqi military helicopters flying over Baghdad have been dropping leaflets. Unlike those that fluttered down from American helicopters at the start of the invasion 11 years ago urging Iraqi soldiers not to resist, these ones are meant to persuade citizens to vote in national elections on April 30th. “In Saddam’s time they used to drop […]


IMF Expects Iraq’s Economy to Grow by More Than 6% in 2014

Iraq Daily News –   International Monetary Fund predicted that the growing economic activity in Iraq in 2014, thanks to the growth of GDP to more than 6% with a rise in oil production’ to 3.2 million barrels per day and exporting 2.6 million barrels per day.   Iraq has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world, and aims to […]


Iraq: Shaways Looking With the World Bank for the Advancement of the Financial Sector

Iraq Daily News –   Deputy Prime Minister Nuri Shaways example, has typically on Thursday in his office in Baghdad with Mary Helen Head of Mission of the World Bank how to improve the financial and banking sector in Iraq.   He said Shaways said in a statement reported for “Twilight News” that it was during the meeting to review and […]


Welcome to Doing Business in Iraq

Iraq Business News –   The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predict GDP will grow by 12% in 2012 and 10% in 2013, driven primarily by rising oil production and higher oil prices over the forecast period. Economic growth will be buttressed by robust increases in government expenditures. Iraq’s 2012 capital budget is up nearly 35% over the […]


$1.5 Billion Trade Volume Between Iraq and Britain in 2013

Iraq Daily News –   Baghdad: Deputy British Ambassador in Iraq, that the volume of British trade with Iraq amounted to 1.5 billion dollars last year, 2013. Statement of the Embassy deputy British ambassador in Baghdad Marc Bryson Richardson during the opening week of Great Britain in Iraq   Received the Agency (news ) a copy of it: that British companies […]


New Iraqi Inter-City Train Rolled Out

Iraq Business News –     China’s Dongfang Electric Corp. has completed the first of 10 high speed, desert modified diesel trains at a ceremony attended by Iraq’s ambassador to China, Railway Gazette reports.   The trains were ordered in 2012, a year after Iraq announced plans for a Basra to Baghdad high speed rail route, an initiative that does not […]


SLC Assures Nominating Allaq as CBI’s Head

Iraq Daily News –   The State of Law Coalition assured nominating the Secretary General of the Council of Minister, Ali al-Allaq, as the head of the Central Bank of Iraq instead of the former head, Abdul Basit Turkei.     MP, Sadiq al-Laban, of the SLC stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) “The administration of the CBI was by […]

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