Iraq’s Public Finances Could Weaken Ability to Finance Its War Against ISIS


Iraq Daily News –     A looming fiscal crisis is threatening to curtail Iraq’s ability to finance its war against the Islamic insurgents who have cut a swath across the country, according to Iraqi and international officials and economists.   Despite having large oil revenues, billions of dollars in reserves and surplus funds left from unexecuted projects, Baghdad’s public finances […]


Iraq: $307m Bill for 3G Spectrum

Iraq Daily News –     Iraq is reportedly seeking $307 million [358 billion Iraqi dinars] from each of the country’s three mobile phone operators for spectrum to run 3G (third-generation) services.   According to Reuters, all three operators – Zain Iraq (owned by Kuwait’s Zain), Asiacell (owned by Ooredoo) and Korek (Orange) – paid $1.25 billion each for so-called “technology-neutral” […]


Despite Dollar Strength Oil Futures Gain While Iraq Cuts the Price

Iraq Daily News –     The commodity space saw some buying interest on the first day of the week despite renewed strength in the US dollar.   Gold futures for December delivery were thus to be seen $5.20 higher by the end of trading at $1,230 per ounce on COMEX.   Front month West Texas crude futures gained 54 cents […]

Mohammed Rubaie

Baghdad: Red Tape Further Investors and the Need for a Management Revolution to Eliminate It

Baghdad Daily News –     The Baghdad provincial Council member Mohammed Rubaie said that red tape further investors from provinces, with the need to be “administrative revolution to eliminate it.   Rubaie said in an interview for “alsumaria news”, that “investment needs to integrated environment and by the entry of foreign companies or local investors,” he said, adding that “red […]


Iraqi State Collapsed Economically and Almost Declared Bankruptcy Due to Lack of Budget

Iraq Daily News –     The leader of a coalition uniting Mohammed Khaldi said the Iraqi State has collapsed economically and almost declared bankruptcy due to lack of financial budget, calling on President Fouad Massoum convened a Conference and invite the three presidencies and the Presidency of the Kurdistan region to solve the budget crisis.   Khalidi said in an […]

Iraq Economy

Economy of Iraq to Shrink Due to Security Conflicts

Iraq Daily News –     The economy of Iraq will contract this year due to fighting ravaging the country, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday, slashing its earlier projection of a healthy growth.   Jihadists from the Islamic State group seized swathes of territory in oil-rich Iraq and neighboring Syria in an offensive, and a US-led coalition has been […]


War-Weary Families Find Oasis Amid the Chaos of Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     Tucked into a remote canyon a two-hour drive north of the Kurdish capital of Irbil, this small town is a beacon for Iraqis who pine for a quiet, safe life after decades of upheaval — including perhaps the most pitiless scourge yet — the black flags and the balaclava-hooded men of the self-styled Islamic State. […]

Social Welfare

Iraq: The Launch of Social Welfare Benefits

Iraq Daily News –     Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs launches the salaries and benefits of social protection network in Baghdad and the provinces to the category of men.   Labor Minister Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese reported that the ministry launched the third installment of this year’s 2014 salary covered the salaries of social protection in Baghdad and the provinces […]

Mayor of Baghdad Na'eem al-Ka'bi

Baghdad: Mayor Welcomes French Companies to Invest in Local Reconstruction Projects

Baghdad Daily News –     Mayor of Baghdad Na’eem al-Ka’bi called the French companies to increase the volume of their participation in the capital’s reconstruction projects.   In a meeting with the French ambassador to Baghdad, both sides discussed enhancing bilateral cooperation and the participation of the French companies in Baghdad Mayoralty schemes.   Mayor Ka’bi promised to provide all […]


Today .. the Launch of Social Welfare Benefits in Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     Hassani launches Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, on Thursday, the salaries and benefits of social protection network in Baghdad and the provinces to the category of men.   Reported Labor Minister Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese “morning” that the ministry launched the third installment of this year 2014 from the salaries covered the salaries of social […]


Iraq to Lift Ban on Facebook Soon

Iraq Daily News –     Said Minister of Science and Altklnoggio Knight Jeju “We suggested to the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Tuesday, the allocation of money distributed to the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.”   Jeju added in a press statement, seen by the Agency for News News (et) that “the proposed contribution comes […]


Iraq: Cabinet Is Considering a Proposal to Issue Bonuses to the People

Iraq Daily News –     Said Minister of Science and Altklnoggio Knight Jeju “We suggested to the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Tuesday, the allocation of money distributed to the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.”   Jeju added in a press statement, seen by the Agency for News News (et) that “the proposed contribution comes […]

Cancer Center

Health: More Than 30 Centers in Iraq to Deal With Cancer

Iraq Daily News –     The Health Ministry announced that the number of Iraqi cancer treatment centers has more than 30 centers spread in most provinces.   The director of the media department at the ministry Abdul Ghani Saadoun Radio Free Iraq, “said the ministry handles the creation of treatment centers, and developed, and updated with everything that is new […]

Rafidain Bank

Rafidain Bank: Resume the Granting of Loans as Soon as the Budget Approval

Iraq Daily News –     Informed sources confirmed that the Rafidain Bank in the resumption of granting personal loans and advances will be launched immediately after the approval of the general budget of the country.   The sources said the agency / JD /: that the continuation of suspended advances due to a lack of financial liquidity in banks and […]

Iraqi dinar

Economists Criticize the Issuance of a New Currency Instead of the Implementation of the Deletion of Zeros

Iraqi Dinar News –     Criticized a number of experts and specialists in the matter of financial and economic policy of the central bank for the issuance of new editions of large segments of the coin, as warned of this measure being will increase inflation, causing the case to confuse economic and stagflation in the domestic market.   They confirmed […]

Court of Appeals

Iraq Loses US Appeal of Oil-for-Food Lawsuit in UN

Iraq Daily News –     A U.S. federal appeals court on Thursday rejected Iraq‘s effort to sue dozens of companies for allegedly conspiring with the Saddam Hussein regime to subvert the United Nations’ oil-for-food program and deprive Iraqi citizens of humanitarian aid.   By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Iraq‘s government could not recoup […]


9 Thousand Projects Exhausted 280 Trillion Iraqi Dinars Without Completion

Iraq Daily News –     Experts called the economy the Iraqi government to the need to form a dedicated team to collect project files lagging and studied for the purpose of activating the work where and completed during a specific time period, and stressed that the past six years have seen the production of more than 9000 investment project stalled […]


Iraq Loses Oil-for-Food Lawsuit

Iraq Daily News –     According to a report from Reuters, a US federal appeals court has rejected Iraq’s effort to sue dozens of companies for allegedly conspiring with the Saddam Hussein regime to subvert the United Nations’ oil-for-food programme and deprive Iraqi citizens of humanitarian aid.   The court said Iraq’s government could not recoup damages under a U.S. […]

U.S. ambassador to Iraq Stuart E. Jones

U.S. Department of State Officially Appoints Jones as New Ambassador to Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     The US Department of State announced officially nominating the Stuart E. Jones as the New U.S. ambassador to Iraq.   Earlier, On May 8, 2014, President Barack Obama nominated Stuart E. Jones, a career Foreign Service officer, to be the next U.S. ambassador to Iraq.   It will be the second ambassadorial posting for Jones, […]

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar: Two Men Plead Not Guilty to Wire Fraud Charges

Iraqi Dinar News –     Two men charged in separate cases with committing wire fraud pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Sioux Falls.   Former University of Sioux Falls employee Brent Alan Fowler, 52, is accused of using the names of students and faculty to secure payroll checks that ultimately were routed to his own bank account.   He faces 20 […]

Iraqi Dinar 10000 Note

Iraqi Dinar Will Likely Be Demonetized

Iraqi Dinar News –     As the base structure for the emerging multilateral economic system continues to be built it is becoming increasingly likely that the Iraqi dinar will not survive the transition as first anticipated by many. The proxy wars taking place in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have splintered many alliances in the socioeconomic and geopolitical worlds. […]

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq Governor Must Take Preventive Measures to Curb Corruption

Central Bank of Iraq News –     Stressed the Central Bank of Iraq governor on the Keywords on the need to take preventive measures to reduce the phenomenon of corruption in state institutions.   Alak said in a press statement on Saturday, that “end corruption Aladerara be in political administration by placing the right person in the right place and […]

Date Production

Iraq: Billion Dollars Annually Return Date Production

Iraq Daily News –     Said a number of specialists in economic affairs possibility of raising fiscal revenue from the production of dates to two billion dollars annually to support the federal budget, displaying the importance of cooperation of private and public sectors for the advancement of the production of dates, came during a seminar Institute of reform Iraq in […]

Displaced Iraqis

Displaced Iraqis Brace for Onset of Kurdish Winter

Iraq Daily News –     Displaced Iraqis who escaped a jihadist-led onslaught north of Baghdad during the scorching summer are braced to face another enemy: the onset of winter in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. At the newest camp in Khanke, a few kilometers from the Turkish border in Iraq’s Dohuk province, trucks have been ferrying in equipment to house […]

Iraqi dinar

Colman Man Accused of Scamming Investors Out of $100,000

Iraqi Dinar News –         A Colman man is accused of ripping off dozens of South Dakota investors in what a federal indictment calls a fraudulent loan scheme that bilked investors out of more than $100,000. The 71-year-old man now indicted on wire fraud charges, Gene Drong, says he hasn’t done anything wrong, and that the people he […]

Daash oil smuggling

US Treasury: We Will Work to Undermine the Funding Organization Daash Including Smuggled Iraqi Oil

Iraq Daily News –   Said Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for the American Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David Cohen announced today that “the United States will intensify its efforts to undermine the funding organization Daash by working and cooperating with partners in the region.” Cohen said on his website that “the imposition of sanctions on officials and financiers Daash to […]

Gas Station

Kurdistan Determines the Price of a Liter of Gasoline Low as 900 Dinars

Iraq Daily News –     I decided the Kurdistan Regional Government, today (Monday, 1 September / September 2014), determine the price of a liter of benzene low as 900 Iraqi dinars for cars tutoring and 500 dinars for taxis, as showed that the distribution process are made through the cards, confirmed that the decision came because of the pressures of […]


Daash Begins the Transfer of Funds From Fallujah Banks

Iraq Daily News –     According to government sources in Anbar province that regulate the so-called Islamic State (Daash) began stealing money in banks Fallujah.   The sources said that the elements Daash started since yesterday (Tuesday 2 September / September 2014) on Wednesday of stealing a number of banks, including Bank of blather (Abed) and Rafidain Bank and Bank […]

Oil Tanker

Kurdish Tanker Carrying $100 Million in Oil Disappears From Radar Off Texas Coast

Iraq Daily News –     Iraq asked the U.S. to seize the Kurdish-exported oil as soon as the ship made landfall in Galveston — an order courts denied because the ship was too far off the state’s coast   A Kurdish tanker loaded with $100 million worth of oil vanished off Texas’ coast Thursday.   Radar systems showed no signs […]

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