U.S. Approves $700 Million Sale of Hellfire Missiles to Iraq

Hellfire missiles to Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     The U.S. State Department has approved the sale of 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq as Baghdad tries to fend off militant Islamist forces.   The deal is valued at $700 million, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said on Tuesday.   Iraq had requested 5,000 of the air-to-ground missiles, which are manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp […]


Emirates Decides to Avoid Flying Over Iraq Fearing From Repeating Ukraine Incident

Iraq Daily News –     Emirates Airlines announced on Tuesday that it will avoid flying in Iraqi airspace in anticipation from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization to target civilian flights by rockets, similar to targeting Malaysian Airlines plane’s incident in Ukraine.   The company’s president Tim Clark said in an interview published in Britain’s Times newspaper […]

Kurdistan oil tanker

Washington: Kurdish Oil Tanker Anchored Outside U.S. Waters and Not in Our Scope of Legal

Kurdistan News –     Said the U.S. State Department, said the tanker carrying a cargo of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan Region anchored outside U.S. waters off the coast of Texas, and a court order to confiscate the shipment will be implemented only when the ship enters the territorial waters of the United States.   And approved by a U.S. judge […]


Iraq Is Already Splitting Into Three States

Iraq Daily News –     Ever since U.S. forces invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, the U.S. government has worried that Iraq would splinter into three states — each representing the feuding religious and ethnic factions the dictator held together through his iron rule.   It may no longer be necessary to worry that Iraq will break apart. […]


In Iraq’s Mosul, Radicals Unleash Their Vision

Iraq Daily News –     The Crooked Minaret – al-Manara al-Hadba in Arabic – was built in 1172 as part of the Great al-Nour Mosque, and it it leans about eight feet (2.4 meters) off perpendicular. It’s so well known it is pictured on Iraq‘s 10000 dinar note.         Residents of Mosul have watched helplessly as extremists […]

Iraqi dinar

Poll: ISIS and the Iraqi Dinar Traders

Iraqi Dinar News –     Following the insurgency by ISIS/ISIL, and the declaration of a ‘caliphate‘ to be known as the Islamic State (IS), we have seen an increase in enquiries to Iraq Business News regarding the future of the country’s currency, the Iraqi dinar (IQD).   These enquiries typically come from people who have been persuaded to speculate on […]

Port of Galveston

Iraq: Kurdish Oil Nears Texas Port for Likely Offloading

Iraq Daily News –     A tanker carrying crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan is hours away from the Port of Galveston in Texas, according to Reuters ship tracking data and the U.S. Coast Guard, its arrival imminent despite Washington’s concerns about independent oil sales from the autonomous region.   The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker United Kalavrvta, which left the Turkish port […]

Social networking in Iraq

Iraq: Government Reopens Social Networking Sites

Iraq Daily News –     Reinstated by the Iraq government, on Sunday, open social networking sites after a period of withheld on the background of the control of the organization “Daash” and his allies on the cities and regions in the country after the tenth of June.   He said Iraqi militants that he has re-open social networking sites (Facebook, […]


Does Iraq’s President Hold Any Real Power?

Iraq Daily News –     The position of president in Iraq has always been described as an honorific one without privileges, which does not allow its occupant to affect the political course of events. However, this description does not stem from the Iraqi constitution’s texts, which grant the president significant privileges that put him in competition with the prime minister. […]

Iraq's New President

Can Iraq’s New President Save Country From Fragmenting?

Iraq Daily News –     Iraq has a new president. In the wake of the capture of the second-largest city, Mosul, by the Islamic State (IS); ever-growing demands by the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Massoud Barzani; and rising dissent against a new mandate for incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq has seemed on the verge of collapse. […]

Iraqi women

Iraq: Unemployment Rate Among Iraqi Women Higher Than Men

Iraqi Women New –     According to the Ministry of Planning that the unemployment rate in most of Iraq’s provinces among women is higher than among men, citing it persistently females to work in the public sector because of the guarantees provided by, and not Akabbahin to work in the private sector, pointing to the possibility of decline in this […]


Invitations to Save Heritage Homes in Basra

Iraq Daily News –     More than 44 homes beta Aelchenachel in Basra are suffering from neglect and clear, which led to the collapse of parts of it, and overcome some of the people, as well as on the creep of concrete buildings on it.   These are the houses of the most important tourist attractions in Basra, as housing […]


Husseiniya Processions Compete Humanitarian Organizations in Assisting Refugees and Fighters

Iraq Daily News –     Based humanitarian organizations and charities in the countries that are exposed to crises or disasters from earthquakes, floods or economic crises, providing emergency aid to the citizens of the stricken country, and because Iraq does not have a lot of those organizations, the alternative was present and effective, as it has Some processions Husseiniya that […]


No End to Christian Suffering as Iraq Staggers in Turmoil

Iraq Daily News –     For around 100 Christian refugees forced into making an Assyrian church in Tel Kaif their home, there was no question of staying behind in Mosul after an ultimatum by the city’s new Islamic State (IS) rulers.   “They stormed into our home in the middle of the night and ordered us to leave with only […]

Cargo Flights to Kurdistan

Iraq: Resumption of Cargo Flights to Kurdistan

Iraq Daily News –     International cargo flights are set to resume today into the Kurdistan Region, an Iraqi transportation official said, after Baghdad banned such flights earlier this month following Erbil’s announcement of plans for an independence referendum.   “This evening it was decided to allow the cargo planes to resume their flights from the Kurdistan Region’s airports,” Bengin […]


Splitting Up Iraq – It’s All for Israel

Iraq Daily News –     “It is no longer plausible to argue that ISIS was a result of unintentional screw ups by the US. It is a clear part of a US strategy to break up the Iran-Iraq-Syria-Hezbollah alliance. Now that strategy may prove to be a total failure and end up backfiring, but make no mistake, ISIS IS the […]

Euphrates Airport

Iraq Allocates Two Trillion Iraqi Dinars for the Establishment of the Middle Euphrates Airport

Iraq Daily News –     Confirmed that the Ministry of Transport seeking to direct the establishment of airport Euphrates during the current year of 2014, confirming that it was the only party responsible for the implementation of the project, at the time the company’s general rail plan aimed at the reconstruction of 50 locomotive Chinese, Spanish and German origins at […]


Specialists: The Need to Harness the Resources to Bring About Economic Development

Iraq Daily News –     Draw specialists in economic affairs that the process of economic and social development depends on the mobilization of all the possibilities of society, including the energies and resources in both the public and private sectors to participate in the regulation of institutional holds the establishment and operation of projects of various kinds competent economic affairs […]


Iraqi President Jalal Talabani: A Pragmatic Negotiator

Iraq Daily News –     Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who returns home Saturday from months of convalescence abroad, is an avuncular politician and a skilled negotiator toughened by his decades-old struggle for Kurdish independence.   The ailing octogenarian spent 18 months in Germany for medical treatment after suffering a stroke flies back to Iraq where a jihadist-led insurgency has plunged […]


Exodus of Christian Families From Mosul Because of Threats

Iraq Daily News –     Security source said Ba’shiqah in hand, on Friday, the arrival of about 20 Christian families have fled the city of Mosul, indicating that the militants “Daash” and directed them to threats, “the final deadline”, which ends at 12 noon on Saturday.   Said the source, who asked not to be identified, in an interview with […]

Kurdistan Map

The Independence of Kurdistan

Kurdistan News –     The winds of violence and fighting between the Iraqi army and the organization of the Islamic State (Daash), and the control of the organization extremist on cities and the western provinces of the country, including crave ships Msoala Kurdistan region, who waved to the independence of their region, calling for a referendum mass, and confirm the […]


Stop the National Industry Forcing Citizens to Resort to Imported Products

Iraq Daily News –     Criticized lawmakers and economists government steps timid in addressing the crisis of industrial rampant for years, pointing to a lack of strategic plans are able to promote the reality of industrial country, as confirmed Iraq‘s possession of potential human and material able to build a balanced economy depends on its industrial exports without relying on […]


Kurdistan Bowling Camp Cancels Due to Security Events

Kurdistan News –     Union decided to cancel the Iraqi bowling training camp for the youth team, which was scheduled to take place in the province of Kurdistan.   A member of the Union of the game Mustafa Rauf, in an interview with “Twilight News”, “The union decided to cancel the game Almahkur training for the youth team, which was […]


Baghdad Allocated 500 Billion Iraqi Dinars for the Development of the Regions

Baghdad Daily News –     Baghdad Secretariat said yesterday that the provincial council allocated 500 billion Iraqi dinars them within the budget of the development of regions, indicating it is awaiting the approval of the budget by Parliament for the purpose of release of funds to departments in the province.   According to the newspaper of integrity, said a spokesman […]


Iraq a Rise in the Prices of Most Internet Services

Iraq Daily News –     With little economic reports issued recently that Iraq is the biggest gainer in the prices of Internet services among Arab countries, says citizens interviewed by radio Iraq these services deteriorating in Iraq, as well as higher prices for processing.   It is noteworthy that the citizen Karrar “Internet services available now poor in particular with […]


Kurdistan and the Caliphate

Kurdistan News –     Starting with the fall of Mosul, I stated that the current war in Iraq should not be interpreted as an action by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but as a combined jihadists and local Kurdish government offensive to implement the US map for remodeling the country. I was quite alone and this view […]


Govt Now “Illegal” – but Does Anybody Care?

Iraq Daily News –     After last week’s abject failure by the new Iraqi Parliament to achieve anything, the country is now being run by an illegal government operating in a power vacuum. Meanwhile Parliament cannot manage any business and merrily violates the Iraqi Constitution it once wrote, several times, in one single session. And nobody seems to care.   […]

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq Issues Visa Cards

Central Bank of Iraq News –     The Central Bank of Iraq announced adopting the electronic payments of funds (Visa Cards) to limit the phenomena of carrying and dealing with cash.   A statement by the CBI received by AIN cited “The CBI adopted the Visa card system to develop the financial and banking sector and to create an atmosphere […]

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq Announces the Use of Payment Systems for the Settlement of Financial Transactions

Central Bank of Iraq News –     Iraqi Central Bank on Saturday, starting with the financial systems of payments in settlement of accounts and bank transfers between accredited institutions and individuals.   The bank governor said Abdul Basit Turki for “Tomorrow’s Press,” that “the Bank begin using the systems financial payments in settlement of accounts and bank transfers approved between […]

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