US Backs Federal System in Iraq: Biden


Iraq Daily News –     WASHINGTON: Vice President Joe Biden said Friday (Aug 22) the United States would back a federal system in Iraq, as he pressed for unity in the sharply divided country amid a growing terror threat.   Writing in a Washington Post opinion piece, Biden said the United States was ready to “further enhance” its support of […]


Zebari: Government Formation Underway

Iraq Daily News –     Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has recently given an interview with Rudaw English discussing his hopes for a new Iraqi government that can improve the relations between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government.   Despite a joint Kurdish–Iraq security operation to re-take Mosul dam with US air cover (initially reported as being solely Kurdish) relations […]


Bond Markets: Fasten Your Seatbelts, Possible Turbulence Ahead

Iraqi Government –     It is a bit of a strange juxtaposition that, despite the many recent alarming occurrences of geopolitical tensions around the world including Russian troops amassing on Ukraine’s border, seemingly perpetual fighting in Gaza, and a besieged Iraqi government on the verge of collapse, bond markets have perhaps never been more complacent. During the ‘taper tantrum’ last […]

US Plans

US Plans New Iraq Strategy

Iraq Daily News –     The United States is now far more open to Iraqi requests for increased military support to fight ISIS, The Wall Street Journal reports.   Previously, initiatives to sell arms and rapidly transfer foreign military sales such as F-16s and Hellfire missiles have been slowed by concerns in Congress regarding Nouri-al Maliki’s authoritarian style of leadership. […]

Iraqi economy

A Moving Iraqi Economy

Iraqi Economy News –     Iraq: An economist said that the economy, which is built on the foundations of true knowledge is the main driver to cross the transitional phase of the Iraqi economy as a result of reliance on the information and communication technology and qualified human resources.   Said d. Samir Salim “Sabah”: The nature of the Iraqi […]


Even Though Christians Are Suffering in the Middle East, God Is Still at Work

Iraq Daily News –     The news coming for Mosul in Iraq over the last few days is yet another tragic reminder (not that we needed one) that to be a Christian in many countries is to be treated as a second class citizen – or worse. Even for those who are aware of this reality, the evil and downright […]


With Maliki Gone, Can Iraq’s New Prime Minister Put His Country Back Together?

Iraq Daily News –     Nouri al-Maliki’s sudden decision to step down as Iraq‘s prime minister should keep the fractured country from tearing further apart. The question now is whether his successor will be able to knit it back together.   Just four days after deploying loyalist troops around Baghdad and signaling that he was prepared to use force to […]


Changing Winds Offer New Hope in Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     Since the so-called liberation of Iraq by British and US forces who promised a new era for Iraqis, unfortunately Iraqis have seen nothing but catastrophes.   In fact, in this petroleum nation before the military coup d’etat of 1958 the Iraqi dinar was equivalent to BD1.380.   Today, Iraq‘s currency is less than half a […]

Iraqi Bonds

Iraq’s Dollar Bond Is Contained by Rising Oil Revenue Through Exports

Iraq Daily News –     The slide in Iraq’s dollar bond since June, when Islamist militants overran much of the country’s north, is being contained by rising oil revenue as exports surge in the south.   The yield on Iraq’s January 2028 dollar security has jumped 109 basis points to 7.37 percent since tumbling to an 16-month low on June […]


Iraq Seeks to Open Up the Prospect of Banking Cooperation on the Arab and International Levels

Iraq Daily News –     Iraq seeks to open the horizons of cooperation banking on the Arab and international levels through the establishment of a banking relationship with them aimed at increasing the volume of transactions offshore banking by opening letters of credit and the issuance of letters of guarantee and the conduct of investment and remittances Aforeigh.ovi this context, […]


Iraq’s Highest Court Paves Way for Maliki to Serve Third Term

Maliki News –     Iraq’s highest court ruled on Monday that Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki‘s bloc is the biggest in parliament, meaning he could retain his position, state television reported.   The president, according to the constitution, must now ask Maliki to form a new government in Iraq, which is facing a major challenge from Islamic State Sunni insurgents […]

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar Currency Forgery Least in the Middle East

Iraqi Dinar News –     Counting economists replace the Iraqi dinar currency by the central bank a strong boost to the local economy moving in the right direction for the country, and argued that the measure goes on the road counterfeiters and Iraqi currency manipulators with banking offices owners called the Iraqi government to accelerate the move, which they considered […]

Amnesty International

Mass Exodus From Iraqi Towns and Cities

Iraq Daily News –     Panic has taken hold in north-western Iraq as tens of thousands of people flee areas where Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) militants are continuing their advance, Amnesty International said.   “The situation for Iraqis in the north-west of the country, especially those from the Yezidi and Christian minority communities, is becoming increasingly dire […]

Airline Flights

FAA Bans American Flights From Iraqi Airspace

Iraq Daily News –     Following the announcement of targeted strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared that American airlines could no longer transit through Iraqi airspace.   This statements comes following other individual airlines rerouting their flights around Iraq. The FAA had previously mandated that American commercial aircraft maintain […]

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq Will Continue to Exercise It’s Authority

Central Bank of Iraq News –     Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, agreeing to allow the return of Bank of the economy with the private sector to carry out banking activities under the terms of the Central.   Said Saleh al-Moussawi relations director at the central bank’s “Tomorrow’s Press,” “The latter has agreed to resume Bank of the economy […]

Obama on Iraq

Why Obama Acted on Iraq

  Iraq Daily News –     The threat of a double nightmare this week forced President Barack Obama to do something he likely hoped he’d never have to — order the use of force in Iraq.   American warplanes based in the Middle East now are authorized to attack the Sunni fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the […]

Air Strikes

Obama Allows Limited Airstrikes on ISIS

Iraq Daily News –       President Obama on Thursday announced he had authorized limited airstrikes against Islamic militants in Iraq, scrambling to avert the fall of the Kurdish capital, Erbil, and returning the United States to a significant battlefield role in Iraq for the first time since the last American soldier left the country at the end of 2011. […]


Pope Calls for Protection, Humanitarian Aid for Christians Forced to Flee Northern Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     Pope Francis is calling for world governments to take measures to protect Christians driven from their villages in northern Iraq and provide them with humanitarian aid.   The pope’s second appeal in as many weeks came Thursday as Iraqi militants from the Islamic State group overran a cluster of predominantly Christian villages alongside the country’s […]


Iraq: Economic Conditions and Security Issues Behind the Reluctance of Young People to Marry

Iraq Daily News –     In light of economic conditions and security experienced by the country, he finds most young Iraqis themselves in front of the maturity of my life involves many of the challenges is to marry the one hand, is a year of life, which must get with age, on the other hand high in the economic costs […]


Construction Continues Through the Implementation of Its Visitors Baghdad Railway Bridge

Iraq Daily News –     The Ministry of Construction and Housing, on Thursday, continues to work for the implementation of the road visiting Baghdad railway bridge length of 21 km, indicating that the project is complementary to the path of visitors (Alexandria faired) and (faired Karbala), as pointed out a number of bridges located on the road.   The director […]


Iraq Is Seeking to Reciprocate in Accordance With the Law Leaning Back

Iraq Daily News –     After he entered the law to comply with U.S. tax accounts of Foreign Affairs (leaning back) into effect early last month in more than 50 countries in the world identifies the importance that Iraq will deal likewise an investigation of the principles of transparency, tax and banking between the two countries.   In this regard, […]


What You Aren’t Supposed to Know About America’s Closest Ally

Iraq Daily News –     The Qataris, and their ruling al-Thani family, are slavers, narcotics traffickers, and financiers of international terrorism. They also happen to be America’s closest ally under Obama.   When analyzing the foreign policy interventions of the Obama administration with respect to the Middle East, it is hard to reconcile their respective approaches Libya (2011) and Iraq […]


US Man Charged With Iraq Investment Fraud

Iraq Daily News –     A 51-year-old American has been charged in federal court with defrauding the co-founders and investors of a company out of approximately $175,000, relating to proposed investments in Iraq.   Prosecutors in Connecticut assert that Joseph T. Morris claimed to have extensive military and business experience in Iraq, and was the company’s in-country manager in Iraq. […]


Iraq: Small and Medium Factories Provide Significant Employment Opportunities

Iraq Daily News –     The industrial sector, one key sectors for the development and advancement of the Iraqi economy, as reflected positively on the rest of the joints of the economy, and operate the largest number of manpower, as experts emphasize the need to establish industrial cities to contain all kinds of national industries.   Expert industrial Abdul Hassan […]

Hellfire missiles to Iraq

U.S. Approves $700 Million Sale of Hellfire Missiles to Iraq

Iraq Daily News –     The U.S. State Department has approved the sale of 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq as Baghdad tries to fend off militant Islamist forces.   The deal is valued at $700 million, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said on Tuesday.   Iraq had requested 5,000 of the air-to-ground missiles, which are manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp […]


Emirates Decides to Avoid Flying Over Iraq Fearing From Repeating Ukraine Incident

Iraq Daily News –     Emirates Airlines announced on Tuesday that it will avoid flying in Iraqi airspace in anticipation from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization to target civilian flights by rockets, similar to targeting Malaysian Airlines plane’s incident in Ukraine.   The company’s president Tim Clark said in an interview published in Britain’s Times newspaper […]

Kurdistan oil tanker

Washington: Kurdish Oil Tanker Anchored Outside U.S. Waters and Not in Our Scope of Legal

Kurdistan News –     Said the U.S. State Department, said the tanker carrying a cargo of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan Region anchored outside U.S. waters off the coast of Texas, and a court order to confiscate the shipment will be implemented only when the ship enters the territorial waters of the United States.   And approved by a U.S. judge […]


Iraq Is Already Splitting Into Three States

Iraq Daily News –     Ever since U.S. forces invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, the U.S. government has worried that Iraq would splinter into three states — each representing the feuding religious and ethnic factions the dictator held together through his iron rule.   It may no longer be necessary to worry that Iraq will break apart. […]


In Iraq’s Mosul, Radicals Unleash Their Vision

Iraq Daily News –     The Crooked Minaret – al-Manara al-Hadba in Arabic – was built in 1172 as part of the Great al-Nour Mosque, and it it leans about eight feet (2.4 meters) off perpendicular. It’s so well known it is pictured on Iraq‘s 10000 dinar note.         Residents of Mosul have watched helplessly as extremists […]

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