Iraqi Dinar Will Likely Be Demonetized

Iraqi Dinar 10000 Note

Iraqi Dinar News –     As the base structure for the emerging multilateral economic system continues to be built it is becoming increasingly likely that the Iraqi dinar will not survive the transition as first anticipated by many. The proxy wars taking place in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have splintered many alliances in the socioeconomic and geopolitical worlds. […]

Central Bank of Iraq Governor Must Take Preventive Measures to Curb Corruption

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq News –     Stressed the Central Bank of Iraq governor on the Keywords on the need to take preventive measures to reduce the phenomenon of corruption in state institutions.   Alak said in a press statement on Saturday, that “end corruption Aladerara be in political administration by placing the right person in the right place and […]

Iraq: Billion Dollars Annually Return Date Production

Date Production

Iraq Daily News –     Said a number of specialists in economic affairs possibility of raising fiscal revenue from the production of dates to two billion dollars annually to support the federal budget, displaying the importance of cooperation of private and public sectors for the advancement of the production of dates, came during a seminar Institute of reform Iraq in […]

Displaced Iraqis Brace for Onset of Kurdish Winter

Displaced Iraqis

Iraq Daily News –     Displaced Iraqis who escaped a jihadist-led onslaught north of Baghdad during the scorching summer are braced to face another enemy: the onset of winter in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. At the newest camp in Khanke, a few kilometers from the Turkish border in Iraq’s Dohuk province, trucks have been ferrying in equipment to house […]

Colman Man Accused of Scamming Investors Out of $100,000

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar News –         A Colman man is accused of ripping off dozens of South Dakota investors in what a federal indictment calls a fraudulent loan scheme that bilked investors out of more than $100,000. The 71-year-old man now indicted on wire fraud charges, Gene Drong, says he hasn’t done anything wrong, and that the people he […]

US Treasury: We Will Work to Undermine the Funding Organization Daash Including Smuggled Iraqi Oil

Daash oil smuggling

Iraq Daily News –   Said Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for the American Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David Cohen announced today that “the United States will intensify its efforts to undermine the funding organization Daash by working and cooperating with partners in the region.” Cohen said on his website that “the imposition of sanctions on officials and financiers Daash to […]

Kurdistan Determines the Price of a Liter of Gasoline Low as 900 Dinars

Gas Station

Iraq Daily News –     I decided the Kurdistan Regional Government, today (Monday, 1 September / September 2014), determine the price of a liter of benzene low as 900 Iraqi dinars for cars tutoring and 500 dinars for taxis, as showed that the distribution process are made through the cards, confirmed that the decision came because of the pressures of […]

Daash Begins the Transfer of Funds From Fallujah Banks


Iraq Daily News –     According to government sources in Anbar province that regulate the so-called Islamic State (Daash) began stealing money in banks Fallujah.   The sources said that the elements Daash started since yesterday (Tuesday 2 September / September 2014) on Wednesday of stealing a number of banks, including Bank of blather (Abed) and Rafidain Bank and Bank […]

Kurdish Tanker Carrying $100 Million in Oil Disappears From Radar Off Texas Coast

Oil Tanker

Iraq Daily News –     Iraq asked the U.S. to seize the Kurdish-exported oil as soon as the ship made landfall in Galveston — an order courts denied because the ship was too far off the state’s coast   A Kurdish tanker loaded with $100 million worth of oil vanished off Texas’ coast Thursday.   Radar systems showed no signs […]

Obama on Defeating IS: We Have the Will but Not the Way


Iraq Daily News –     President Barack Obama has emphasized that the Islamic State (IS/formerly ISIS or ISIL) “cancer” must be stopped, but admitted that America “does not have a strategy yet” on how to do so.   At a White House press conference, the president ruled out imminent airstrikes on IS positions in Syria.   “ISIL poses an immediate […]

Iraqi Market for Securities of New Regain Stability

Iraqi Stock Exchange

Iraq Daily News –     Securities Commission confirmed on Saturday, restore the equilibrium and stability of the stock market trades daily and monthly index year after a wave of instability that followed the tenth of June last year.   The head of the Securities Commission Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi said that “the Iraqi Stock Exchange regained its stability, which represents a […]

Rafidain Bank Intends to Pay Pensioners Living Outside Iraq With the E-Card

Rafidain Bank

Iraq Daily News –     Rafidain Bank announced that it intended to achieve pay pensioners living outside Iraq with the e-card.   The Director of the Bank in the name of Kamal Al-Hassani in a statement to media library “that Rafidain Bank and through his tireless seeking pay living outside Iraq with the e-card rent them easily using the card […]

Pope Francis Endorses Use of Force Against ISIS in Iraq

Pope Francis

Iraq Daily News –     The Pope last night backed military action in Iraq to stop the bloody persecution of thousands of Christians by Islamist fanatics.   In a dramatic intervention, Pope Francis said military force could be justified against the murderous extremists of Islamic State in order to counter their ‘unjust aggression’.   He also revealed he is considering […]

High Demand for Gold Spurs Trade Across GCC

Gold Bars

Iraq Daily News –     The Middle East will take a bigger share of gold demand as buyers from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates diversify investments and Dubai nears offering a contract for immediate delivery bullion.   MKS (Switzerland) SA, a Geneva-based bullion trader and refiner, expanded into Dubai three years ago and employs 25 people […]

US Backs Federal System in Iraq: Biden


Iraq Daily News –     WASHINGTON: Vice President Joe Biden said Friday (Aug 22) the United States would back a federal system in Iraq, as he pressed for unity in the sharply divided country amid a growing terror threat.   Writing in a Washington Post opinion piece, Biden said the United States was ready to “further enhance” its support of […]

Zebari: Government Formation Underway


Iraq Daily News –     Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has recently given an interview with Rudaw English discussing his hopes for a new Iraqi government that can improve the relations between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government.   Despite a joint Kurdish–Iraq security operation to re-take Mosul dam with US air cover (initially reported as being solely Kurdish) relations […]

Bond Markets: Fasten Your Seatbelts, Possible Turbulence Ahead


Iraqi Government –     It is a bit of a strange juxtaposition that, despite the many recent alarming occurrences of geopolitical tensions around the world including Russian troops amassing on Ukraine’s border, seemingly perpetual fighting in Gaza, and a besieged Iraqi government on the verge of collapse, bond markets have perhaps never been more complacent. During the ‘taper tantrum’ last […]

US Plans New Iraq Strategy

US Plans

Iraq Daily News –     The United States is now far more open to Iraqi requests for increased military support to fight ISIS, The Wall Street Journal reports.   Previously, initiatives to sell arms and rapidly transfer foreign military sales such as F-16s and Hellfire missiles have been slowed by concerns in Congress regarding Nouri-al Maliki’s authoritarian style of leadership. […]

A Moving Iraqi Economy

Iraqi economy

Iraqi Economy News –     Iraq: An economist said that the economy, which is built on the foundations of true knowledge is the main driver to cross the transitional phase of the Iraqi economy as a result of reliance on the information and communication technology and qualified human resources.   Said d. Samir Salim “Sabah”: The nature of the Iraqi […]

Even Though Christians Are Suffering in the Middle East, God Is Still at Work


Iraq Daily News –     The news coming for Mosul in Iraq over the last few days is yet another tragic reminder (not that we needed one) that to be a Christian in many countries is to be treated as a second class citizen – or worse. Even for those who are aware of this reality, the evil and downright […]

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